Top 15 Marketing Jobs You Should Consider Today

Top 15 Marketing Jobs You Should Consider Today

Marketing has been on the rise for the last decade or so, and it is no surprise to state the following: "The employment of marketing managers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2019 to 2029" Job Outlook.

This steep rise is continuously growing, and thus more people are getting into the Marketing industry, with or without degrees.
Let's get on with it, top 15 marketing jobs you should consider today:

1- Market Research

Average Salary: $63,790/yr
“Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.” - David Ogilvy

Market research, as its name implies, is based on research, along with other activities. Let's say you want to start a business selling shoes. One of the first steps you should be taking includes market research, you do it to know if people are willing to purchase this future shoe brand that you will be offering. In other words, market research will answer this question: "Is this a good idea"
The answer won't be a plain Yes or No, it will have a step-by-step approach in either case.

Businesses launching new products or services without marketing research won't stand a chance in hell in today's market.

2- Brand Management

Average Salary: $48,000-$148,000/yr
Just like humans, each brand is distinct, special, and unique. There's a 99% chance that you're reading this blog from Google because Google's brand managers have probably changed the way you perceive Google, and they've convinced you that searches are better on Google than other search engines.

That's what brand managers do:
  • Build unseen relationships with customers that result in loyalty (ever wondered why Apple's customers are so loyal?)
  • Make sure that the brand's image looks as it should
  • Use other techniques to increase the brand's value

3- Content Marketing Management

Average Salary: $63,314/yr
“Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.” -Julie Fleischer

Content marketing is what businesses use to let people know that they exist, without it, none of the jobs on this list would exist. It includes several activities:
  • Studying what the target audience needs & wants to see
  • Creating content (in various formats)
  • Editing content
  • Publishing content
  • Updating content

Content marketing comes with many perks, the most powerful ones are:
  • Creating bonds with customers and thus getting their loyalty
  • Getting new customers and thus increasing sales
  • Establishing brand awareness for FREE and thus cost-saving.

4- Marketing Management

Average Salary: $100,000/yr

According to, a marketing manager is “A manager whose primary task is to manage the marketing resources of a product or business.”

Marketing managers are usually heads of the marketing department, some of their tasks include:

  • Market research 
  • Controlling market research
  • Analyzing the market, and taking shifting decisions when needed
  • Planning campaigns
  • Developing the main points of the marketing strategy
  • Coordinating with the marketing team
  • Coordinating with other departments

    5- Product Management

    Average Salary: $119,000/yr
    Product management is how products are born. Product managers are responsible for the creation of new products, planning, forecasting, and pricing.
    This is why product management is crucial for a business's success, if any step of the process goes wrong, then the outcome of the launching probably will.
    The tasks of a product manager have a vast range:
    • Analyzing the market
    • Competition analysis
    • Defining the product and its features
    • Managing the production

    6- Logistics 

    Average Salary: $70,000/yr
    Once a new product is launched successfully thanks to the product management team, there comes time for logistics.
    To keep it simple, logistics is about the purchases and distribution of products. The logistic manager usually plans the best methods to ship goods efficiently and effectively.
    You might have asked "What does marketing have anything to do with logistics" "How can a marketer take such tasks?"
    The answer is quite simple, marketing's main objective is creating that bond with customers. To get there, businesses must make their customers happy by facilitating the process of purchasing a product.
     That's why these two are quite dependent; thus, it's common for marketers to get into logistics.

    7- Public Relations

    Average Salary: $61,000/yr

    Public relations is what businesses need to look "professional" and trustworthy. Public relations specialists can help businesses do that in various ways, including social media. 

    The reason that makes public relations important for businesses is:

    • It can help defend its brand image in crisis
    • It increases brand trustworthiness
    • Using social media, helps companies to build an online presence

    So what exactly does a public relations professional or manager do? 

    8- Marketing Coordination

    Average Salary: $44,000/yr

    As you might have noticed, marketing managers have a lot to do, and I wouldn't assume they do it alone.

    That's because they don't: they work with a marketing coordinator, who will have quite similar tasks to theirs.

    Marketing coordinators usually prepare reports, prepare marketing strategies, put advertising plans, etc.

    9- Sales

    Average Salary: $59,000/yr

    “Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating.” – Siva Devaki

    When it comes to presenting products/services to potential customers, negotiating, and getting hot deals, no one can do that better than a salesperson.
    Along the way, salespeople get commissions all the time some people get into sales just for that!
    Someone with great communication skills and some negotiating techniques will do great as a salesperson.

    10- Advertising

    Average Salary: $58,000/yr

    Advertisers are responsible for the following:
    • Meeting with advertisers and understanding what they need to attain
    • Market research
    • Selecting a narrow target audience on whom they perform advertising activities
    • Planning ads
    • Planning ad designs
    • A lot of surveys before launching ads
    • again, a lot of surveys and data collection!

    11- Promotions

    Average Salary: $54,000/yr
    Promoters have quite similar tasks to those of a publisher (advertisement), but their activity isn't just revolving around paid ads, it goes from paid ads like Facebook's to sales and sponsorships.

    According to Zippia, promoters are expected to have the following skills/talents:

    • Creativity
    • Analytical thinking
    • Communication skills
    • Attention to details

    12- Graphic Design

    Average Salary: $56,810/yr

    Graphic designers are the magicians we never see performing, but without them, the show wouldn't be complete.
    Creative and tech-savvy, graphic designers translate what marketers want into what I like to call the real deal. Because here's the thing, most people hate reading, so imagine if marketers would publish plain boring text for their campaigns! 
    Some duties that graphic designers have are:
    •  Designing visually attractive content (logos, brochures, images,...)
    • Photoshop
    • Enhancements/editing

    13- Copywriting

    Average Salary: $58,000/yr

    “Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.” – Shirley Polykoff

    The text you see on ads, brochures,... wasn't put there because it sounded nice, ooh no, it went through a long journey to get there, and it's called copywriting. 
    Copywriters create text that converts, they write a bunch of words that may seem spontaneous (and they should), after performing long research about the target audience, collaborating with other departments, and brainstorming the most attractive copies.
    Copywriting is one of the growing marketing jobs out there. The good news is, you can learn it yourself! All you have to do is type copywriting on Google...

    14- Search Engine Marketing

    Average Salary: $65,000/yr
    SEM (search engine marketing) is what decides who wins the race!
    A business can have the most engaging website, but it doesn't appear on search engines on the first or the second page, while its competitors do. End of the game!
    Search engine marketing focuses on Google campaigns, but it does include SEO (search engine optimization) as well. 
    Suppose your summer clothes website isn't ranking first yet, and the summer season is almost there, some companies wouldn't risk it relying 100% on SEO, and decide to pay Google to help them out, and that's how they win the game!

    15-Digital Marketing

    Average Salary: $59,098/yr
    Youths spend more time on their phones than studying in this era of the internet.
    Today, the value of digital marketers in the marketing world appears when businesses are shifting their activities online: e-commerce. That's when we realize how primordial digital marketing is for any online business's success.
    Although digital marketers have a wide range of activities.

    Which marketing job would you consider? Tell us in the comment section!

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