Notion Blog Post Template | Get it Now for Free

Notion Blog Post Template | Get it Now for Free

Hello, fellow blogger and Notion lover!

I'll make it short and sweet, I too hate it when people keep talking while I'm waiting for something. I just wanted to welcome you to our small blog, where we share our humble knowledge with you. 

Since you're interested in a Notion template for content writing, I suppose we have a lot more in common! Hoping that I'm not making the wrong assumption, I would love to have you join our newsletter in which I share marketing secrets with our exclusive subscribers. You'll be receiving emails for every new post, and you're more than welcome to propose tools or templates you want to try out!

Here's a preview of what this Notion blog post template looks like:

The Ultimate Notion Blog Post Template

Progress Monitoring

Free: The Ultimate Notion Blog Post Template
Nothing is better than a clear plan in mind when doing any kind of task, including writing. As a blogger, my to-do list on Notion helps me stay more organized and productive.

If you prefer a larger template (say for a whom blog series), then you might want to try out my personal & professional All-In-One Notion Template for Content Writers (you'll have to subscribe to our newsletter to get it for free, that's not bad though, I'll even give you some secret free tools and Notion blogging templates only our subscribers receive).

Blog Progress Pages Templates 

Blog Progress Pages Templates

For each task, I've created a separate Notion page template. 

Take a quick look:

1. Blog Research Notion Page Template

It doesn't matter how knowledgeable you are about a topic, you always need to conduct quick (or long) research so you can give your audience what they expect.

Luckily, Notion offers us bloggers the ability to embed :
  • Articles

  • Videos
  • Documents (from your device or your drive)

2. My Notion Keyword Research Template

Besides conducting detailed keyword research and analysis using tools like SEMScoop (our review), and classifying them in your keyword research spreadsheet, you might want to have a separate keyword summary for one blog at a time.

Although I don't typically use this method, if the blog I'm working on is large, I might want them in a separate spreadsheet or can just use my Notion template.
Notion Keyword Research Template

3. Draft Page Template

I know you probably use Grammarly, Word, Docs, etc to write your blogs. So do I. But I find it satisfying to have all my work in a safe place. 
Of course, you can delete the page, or give this process a try and let me know how you felt afterward.

4. Media Page Template

Images and videos are quite effective for blogging. I try to keep track of the images I use for each blog post in a gallery template that looks like this:

Media Page Template

5. Networking Page Template

Herminia Ibarra once said:
Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority.
That's why I made a separate page for it in this Notion template.

You can write your social media/platform captions there, and have them all in the same place:
Networking Page

How did you find this template?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Yasmine Jedidi

If I'm not writing, I'm drinking tea! Apart from being an introverted tea lover, I am also an SEO content writer✍️, a freelancer, and a BBA student. It is my humble intention to use this blog to share my knowledge and experience in the field of marketing and SEO. Ever since I started The Marketing Recipe, it has turned into my secret addiction. Without skipping a beat, I continually think of ways to enhance your knowledge and benefit you. Your feedback on our content is greatly appreciated, so don't be shy, drop a comment and I'll make sure to answer you.

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