Spyfu Review, Is It Really Better than Semrush?

Spyfu Review, Is It Really Better than Semrush?

We’re back to our SEO tools reviews with a new addition: Spyfu.

This is an honest SpyFu review, based on my personal experience with the tool (which was pretty good).

What Is SpyFu?

As they call themselves, SpyFu is “the all‑in-one keyword research alternative to Semrush”.

SpyFu, as the name implies, will assist you in "spying" on the competition. 

It excels at domain and keyword analysis, but it also works well as a backlink analysis tool. 

Its primary features will assist you in understanding your direct competitors’ SEO tactics, which will directly feed into your own strategy. 

Review Summary 

SpyFu is an SEO and PPC competitive intelligence tool. It’s a great alternative for SEOs who are investing a minimum amount for their SEO strategy or are just looking for a free and overall good SEO tool they can rely on.


  • Easy to use
  • Great support
  • Reasonable prices free and reliable competitive analysis tool
  • Satisfactory organic keywords analysis tool
  • Great PPC Analysis tool
  • Ability to export reports as PDF files


  • Absence of technical SEO tools
  • Absence of data in languages like Arabic, Chinese, Russian, …
  • Considerably different keyword analysis metrics compared to other tools
  • Inaccurate data on small niche keywords
  • Significantly limited free version
  • Limited local SEO features
  • Limited backlinks tool

But don’t just take my word for it, let’s see the tool in action:

Domain Overview (Monthly Data)

To start your domain, go directly to the overview section.

In this example, I’m analyzing one of the websites I used to write for in the IT niche (Devbrains).

SpyFu domain overview

In the overview, you can see data on:

  • The number of organic/paid keywords (data retrieved from the top 100 results on search engines)
  • Estimated monthly SEO/PPC clicks (calculated using the average position of each organic keyword)
  • Estimated monthly SEO/PPC click changes (by comparing the current month’s data to the previous one)
  • Number of keyword Gainers and Losers
  • Google Ad Recommendations (if PPC data is available)


Next, a list of your top organic competitors (with the free version, you can see up to 8 direct organic competitors):

spyfu top 5 organic Competitors

organic competitors

And a list of shared keywords with your competitors.

shared keywords

How can you use this data?

Spying on your competitors can play a major role in boosting your SEO strategy. With this data, you can:

Top Organic Keywords

The top keywords section shows you a list of your top-ranking organic keywords (up to 9 using the free version)

top organic keywords

For each keyword, you can see the:

  • Page ranking for each keyword
  • Monthly search volume
  • Rank on SERPs and its change
  • Number of SEO clicks and its change
  • KD (SpyFu’s metric)
  • CPC
  • Percentage of desktop searches

Newly Ranked Keywords

If you head to SEO research, in the top keywords section, you will see a list of your newly ranked keywords:

newly ranked organic keywords

You can use this to optimize the pages for each new keyword even more to accelerate the ranking and positionning process.

First Page Keywords

SpyFu also gives you a report on your keywords that have recently reached the first page (great news).

And the ones that fell and lost rankings.

You can use this data the optimize the pages that lost ranking to get them back to the first page.

Top Pages

The top pages list (up to 9 with the free version) ranks pages according to the organic they receive monthly. 

spyfu Top Pages

By clicking on “View X keywords” you can see the keywords each top page is ranking for, and thus optimize more for keywords you may have not thought of while crafting your content:

top organic keywords for each page

Keyword Research

SpyFu’s keyword research tool, although not as cool as SEMRush’s, is fine in my opinion.

spyfu Keyword Research
Keyword Research for "Technical SEO"

It gives a good amount of data on your seed keyword, like similar keywords, and questions, and even gives you a list of the best Google Ads recommendations by analyzing the competition. 

However, these tools fail when it comes to accuracy, especially if you’re using them along the side with other keyword research and analysis tools like SEMRush or SEMScoop.


One of the cool features that I like about SpyFu is its Backlinks tool.

backlink tool

By entering a seed keyword like “web design” for example, you get a list of websites and blogs that you can add to your link-building strategy.

SpyFu Pricing

SpyFu offers three different plans:

SpyFu Pricing

Final Thoughts

It is hard to find a tool that offers the depth and functionality that SpyFu does. Despite its low price, it is a simple product to use and can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Whether you're a large corporation or a small startup, SpyFu has everything you need for PPC, SEO, and keyword research.

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