Andrew Tate's Secret Marketing Strategy (Is It Even Ethical?)

Andrew Tate's Secret Marketing Strategy (Is It Even Ethical?)

Andrew Tate. He's in every room. On your Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok feeds, you'll find the most controversial opinions on today's hottest subjects.

His sudden appearance is not a coincidence. There's a reason for this, and we'll figure out what marketing strategy Andrew Tate used to end up in our YouTube shorts.

andrew tate marketing strategy

Who is Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate, born on December 14th, 1986, is a well-known American-British speaker who can be heard on any podcast on the internet. His former profession was kickboxing. He's known to be an entrepreneur and content creator who offers an online wealth-building course through Hustlers University.

If you’ve ever watched him speak about his personal life, you've probably heard his father’s name: Emory Tate.

Emory Tate was an American chess player born on December 27, 1958. The first black grandmaster, Maurice Ashley, described Tate as 

Absolutely a trailblazer for African-American chess.

Currently residing in Romania, Andrew Tate is by far the most famous person on the Internet in 2022. 

Early Life

Andrew's father, Emery Tate, was considered among his colleagues as a superhuman. He was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force and a chess master.

Chess, on the other hand, does not pay the rent. In reality, Emery was poor; he participated in tournaments in the spark for money to get enough money for the day; he trained his three children to view life as a chess match, where every move is planned with the knowledge of what the next actions are.

As a child, Andrew lived in Gary, Indiana, a notoriously bad community. At the age of 5, he was an Indiana state chess champion. 

When he was eleven, his parents divorced, and his mother moved him and his siblings to Luton, England.

Staying with his mother, he no longer had a chess coach as cool as his dad.

Kickboxing Career

Fighting became his new thing when he was 15 years old. By the early 2000s, he had grown tall and muscular and had worked hard to become a six-foot-two hundred-pound kickboxing mixed martial artist. 

He fought in an MMA league and a kickboxing league, and he had a 3-2 amateur record in the MMA Ultimate Warrior Challenge in the UK. In his pro-MMA debut, he beat down Shane Kavanaugh, but he preferred kickboxing since it paid better.

His brother, Tristan, who followed a similar path in life, appeared on Shipwrecked, an island survival reality show.

The two became the go-to's of European reality TV for producers looking for tough and confident young guys.

By the age of 27, he had several world titles, like the ISKA World Championship, which he won twice.

After this successful career, Andrew decided he wanted to make money differently. So, in 2015, he quit kickboxing, ending his 14-year kickboxing career. 

Webcam Business

From there, he and his brother Tristan started a webcam project. And it made them millionaires fast, since Andrew had six girlfriends at the time, two of whom joined the Tates’ business. 

The two girls had a keyboard in front of them that was unplugged because Andrew was chatting, and as he claims, they were the face. 

When he saw how much money he could make from such a business (around $400,000 a month), he and his brother (aka business partner) hired 75 women. 


With the money he was making from his webcam business, Cobra Tate decided to start investing in the not-so-famous (at the time) cryptocurrency. 

In an interview with Bitcoin investor Anthony Pompliano, Andrew Tate discussed a variety of topics. Even though the interview was recorded in May 2021, Pompliano aired it on his YouTube channel on August 3, 2022. 

Pompliano stated in the video description that he does not agree with all of Tate's points of view. "Some I agree with, some I disagree with."

In the interview, Andrew Tate stated that everything started when he started studying money and how the entire system works. Along the way, he came upon crypto and bitcoin. 

Tate became dissatisfied with his life since he didn't have enough money and began experimenting with ways to make more.

Andrew Tate discussed crypto and bitcoin in the 1-hour 39-minute interview, saying that crypto is great for a variety of purposes, including safeguarding against inflation.

His Lifestyle

He currently resides in Bucharest, Romania, in a $20 million property with a swimming pool, a gym, and other amenities.

Andrew's James Bond-style walk-in closet, opulent garage, and a slew of other price-tag-worthy features If there is one thing that all billionaires must get used to, it is that travel is unavoidable. 

Tate is well aware of this. He has spent no cost in ensuring that when he travels, he does so in style, utilizing the most expensive vehicles money can buy.

Andrew's first luxury mode of transportation is his beloved private jet, a single-pilot-certified light business aircraft that can carry up to 11 passengers. 

Andrew spent $10 million on it; a customized cabin interior that's great for business or pleasure.

andrew tate private jet

To ensure that this luxurious transportation is not limited to the skies, Tate also owns an impressive fleet of 16 luxury cars and counting. From the Lamborghini which cost him around 280 000, to his Bugatti (limited edition), which cost him around $4,000,000!

Dating is a big part of Andrew’s life. He publicly and more than once clearly stated that he is polygamous, dating more than 6 women at a time, whom he said has no problem with this as long as “he’s taking care of them”.

Andrew Tate’s Net Worth

Currently, Andrew Tate has a net worth of $350 million, making him one of the richest social influencers in 2022.

But how is he making this money?


1. Webcam Business

Even though he is no longer physically doing the work, Andrew is still making 20–30% of the workers' makings.

2. Adult Industry

OnlyFans is a management business run by Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate.

While Andrew, on the other hand, said it was his brother's business.

Andrew stated on the Your Mom's House Podcast that the company makes roughly $200k per month.

3. Casino Business

Andrew highlighted his gambling business as one of his income sources on the Fresh&Fit Podcast.

Andrew wanted to partner with him to launch a casino business.

However, the sponsor was affluent, and his business was already booming, so Andrew needed to devise a strategy.

He approached him and asked if he could open a casino using their branding and his own money.

If it was a success, Andrew would pay the owner a share of the profits.

At one point, Andrew saw how pricey coffee was in Starbucks, so he began giving out free coffee in the casino.

The free coffee drew a large number of people, and the casino began to make money.

4. Hustlers University

Hustlers University is a business school that teaches students how to make money.

hsutlers university andrew tate

It's a community that includes Andrew and dozens of other participants.

It includes stock research, option plays, cryptocurrency analysis, and De-Fi. It also instructs in e-commerce, copywriting, freelancing, business management, and other topics.

Andrew has authenticated the community's teachers, who earn anything from $10,000 to $50,000 per month. 

Enrollment is $36 per month and automatically renews each month.

The course roughly makes him $4 million every month (subtracting affiliate fees).

Andrew Tate’s Marketing Strategy

Now I might not be a fan of this man, but his strategy is worth analyzing. 

To be specific, his marketing strategy.

We can break down his “secret” strategy that he claims “is worth millions of dollars” into 3 parts:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Controversial Marketing
  • Emotional Marketing

Andrew Tate's Target Audience

Based on his income sources, his course, and his lifestyle, we can already feel who might be inclined to follow Tate and like him enough to buy his course and do the marketing for him: Young men.

Some say that men who follow Tate lack one of three things:

  • self-esteem
  • money
  • love

I personally disagree. 

His target audience, I believe, is young men with limited life experiences or "conservative" views. 

Certainly, there are grown men and women who follow him, but the majority of his audience consists of young men with similar mindsets.

Let’s look into his strategy:

1. Affiliate Marketing

The number one reason you’ve been seeing YouTube shorts and TikTok videos of Tate is his affiliate marketing plan. 

At the launching of Hustlers University, and for the first 6,000 students who bought his course (which was $50 at the time), there was an affiliate program made for them. 

What is affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, a company or person promotes a product, service, or website in exchange for a commission. It is also known as contextual advertising, contextual referral marketing, and branded content.

Affiliate programs work by paying publishers if you click on their links and then buy something from them. Affiliates can earn money by referring people to companies like Amazon, eBay, or in this case, Hustlers University, who will pay them for each sale made through their links.

adrew tate affiliate marketing program

To get this commission, people who sign up for the course are recommended to create YouTube channels and TikTok accounts and share videos, especially shorts (for their high reach) of Tate speaking on any topic.

If you look at YouTube videos about the guy, you’ll usually find an affiliate link in the description or bio to Hustlers University like this one:

affiliate link

This one:

tate affiliate link

Or these two:

Hustlers university affiliate link youtube bio

affiliate link youtube bio

Although Hustlers University stopped its affiliate program since it already gave them the results they wanted and even more, they are still benefiting from the previous participants, and they’ll still do for a long time.

2. Controversial Marketing

Controversial marketing is a style of marketing that attempts to persuade consumers to buy a product or service by attacking the competition or focusing on a particular issue. 

It may also employ tactics such as scare tactics, guilt-tripping, and exaggeration.

Controversial marketing has been criticized for its negative effects on consumers' trust in the marketplace. 

According to consumer advocates, this type of advertising can be misleading and deceptive because it often fails to convey why the product is better than its competitors.

In addition, some critics argue that companies and individuals use controversial marketing as a means of avoiding responsibility for their actions. 

Many people find controversial marketing distasteful because they believe it makes them feel uncomfortable or offended. Other people may even feel angry when exposed to controversial marketing messages.

Despite these criticisms, some experts believe that there are many benefits associated with using controversial marketing techniques. Some commentators claim that it can help companies gain attention for their products by attracting media coverage.

Nothing draws greater attention than a provocative viewpoint on a popular subject. Consider feminism or LGBTQ inclusion as examples.

You don’t have to search much to find some controversial topics Tate spoke about, like: 

  • Women Driving

In a video on Short Studios, Tate made a bold statement, 

I don't let women drive me in cars. No woman has driven any of my cars, ever. The cheapest car I possibly own, I would not let a female drive

Tate makes these comments to gain views and followers.

When Tate makes such statements, backing them up with his “personal experiences," teenagers of all genders may be more impressionable than adults since they have a unique lived experience in which they may not have been exposed to as many people or ideas.

  • Sexual Assault

Following the MeToo movement, Tate said some controversial things about rape, including:

Sexual harassment is disgusting and inexcusable. However, a man looking at you or whistling at you or asking your name isn’t harassment.


If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must bear some responsibility.

His Twitter account was suspended, and his tweets were eventually deleted.

  • Having Multiple Girlfriends

Andrew, more than once, proudly said that he enjoys having multiple partners, and sees it as a natural leaning for an alpha male. He even says that it’s OK for a man to cheat on his wife, but the reverse is not.

To make the matter even more controversial, he backs up having illegitimate relationships with religious arguments:

Read the Bible; every single man had multiple wives; not a single woman had multiple husbands. It’s against the will of God; it’s disgusting. 

  • Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that results in 850,000 deaths every year, but according to Tate 

Depression is not real

In 2017, he tweeted 

You feel sad, you move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing.

Now, no one knows what he really thinks or believes, and to be honest, it shouldn’t even matter, because he’s only saying such statements for the pushback, the shares, and the hate videos, which will make him even more famous.

The list of controversial topics that Tate spoke about is much longer, these are just examples of what he says as part of his controversial marketing strategy.

3. Emotional Marketing

In almost any video where he speaks, Cobra Tate uses emotional marketing.

What Is Emotional Marketing?

A key component of emotional marketing is connecting with your audience on a more personal level. Making your customers' lives better and selling to them are the goals.

It’s about making people feel something, whether it's an emotion like joy or a feeling like sadness.

It's about tapping into human psychology and using that understanding to create positive experiences for your customers.

How Is Andrew Tate Using It?

  • Alpha Male Speech

Andrew Tate’s top audience is young men and teenagers who are unconfident, and unable to get a job or a partner.

And Tate knows how to connect with them on that basis. 

In various instances, he says that men are sadder than women and that they need emotional support. Yes, that may be true according to much research. But the reason he’s saying that is not because he read a scientific article on the topic, he’s saying it because he simply wants these sad men to purchase his fast money-making course.

He also has a lot of conversations about being an alpha male, giving advice to men, …

  • Making Money

Tate is definitely wealthy. Many of his possessions serve as a "motivator" for his audience.

He accomplishes this by showcasing his vehicles, aircraft, fine clothing, and watches,...

And, because his audience has a need and desire for such things, he plays on their emotions.

BOOM! Mission one is complete.

Furthermore, he talks about making money in a really motivating way before immediately connecting it to his course. That way, everybody listening mentally mirrors his "cheap" method of making money quickly.

BOOM! Mission two is complete.

  • Religion (Islam)

Religion is a sensitive topic, especially in marketing.

No sound marketing manager, strategist, or consultant, would ever advise you to use any religious messages unless and only unless your target audience is religious, or has religious leanings.

That’s because religion is a sensitive topic. I mean it caused wars in the past, still causing ones today, so…

But this feature makes talking about religion in the RIGHT WAY your winning ticket. And Andrew Tate seized the ticket.

He realized that some of his thoughts partially matches the Islamic ones, he knew how large the Muslim community is, and he decided to target them.

He went to a famous Muslim podcast (TheDeenShowTV), where he was somewhat much politer than usual (in terms of swear words), and talked to favorite Muslim preachers like Nouman Ali Khan.

He says many emotional things about Islam like: 

Islam is the last religion on earth.

Thousands of Muslims watch him. Hundreds of tweets. Countless reaction videos on YouTube,...

BOOM! Mission accomplished.

Now, Tate is not a Muslim, but he knew that by supporting the Muslim community and tapping into their belonging emotions, many Muslim youths will buy his course. And that’s what happened!

Final Thoughts

Andrew Tate may not be the most loved person on the Internet, but he is certainly the most well-known nowadays.

He chose to forego the love of a group of people who are not in his target audience to win the only group he needs: his target audience.

The controversy he creates, the hatred he receives, and the bans on Instagram and Twitter are all opportunity costs he chose to pay to conduct his marketing campaign.

He knew what worked, applied it, and achieved the results he desired.

Unfortunately, ethics and marketing collide here, leaving us with the dilemma of "Is this ethical?"

"Obviously not," you may say. Others, though, will disagree...

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