Wallyscar Case Study: Marketing Communication Strategy

Wallyscar Case Study: Marketing Communication Strategy

Wallyscar is a 16-year-old company that provides Tunisian handmade cars to the European and Tunisian markets producing an average of 350 cars a year  It was founded in 2006 by the two brothers Zied and Omar Guiga. The company is situated in the capital of Tunisia including over 120 employees under the slogan “made together”  


As part of the Marketing Communication course at Tunis Business School (TBS), this project was conducted by:

  • Mohamed Ali Ben Ayed
  • Azza Ben Attia
  • Ons Hamdene 
  • Sahar Dronga
  • Yasmine Jedidi

all collaborators granted The Marketing Recipe the copyright of the material below.

Wallyscar Communication Plan

History of The Company

Although they had no prior experience with mechanical engineering; Omar has a bachelor's in-laws banking corporate finance and securities law, and Zied studied economics; the two brothers have always been passionate about cars. 

But it was only when they met MR René Boesch the creator of Jeep Dallas in Wallis and Futuna that they turned their dream into action naming their brand after the place that represented the beginning of Wallyscars.In 2008 ways introduced their first car Isis at the Paris motor show and in 2012 wallys was the only African representative there.


PSA Group

The first partnership was signed with PSA Peugeot Citroën for the supply of mechanics Combining quality, reliability, and power, the PSA Powertrain engines were an unhesitating choice for Wallys. In addition, to simplify after-sales service for international customers, Wallys vehicles are equipped with fully PSA Powertrain mechanics available anywhere in the world.

SHELL Energy 

In partnership with VIVO ENERGY, the official representative of SHELL in Tunisia, the supply of lubricants to Wallys does not stop there. This collaboration aims to develop lubricants with optimal characteristics to guarantee both performance and reliability of Wallys engines.


Wallys has negotiated to allow its customers to buy their vehicles at the best price. To offer this service, Wallys has partnered with Tuniso-Koweitien Bank.

GAT insurance 

Thanks to this partnership, customers can secure their cars at all risks with unbeatable prices.

Prizes and Marking Events 

In January 2018, Omar Guiga was one of three winners of the Arab Youth Campaign on Innovation Contest, a competition organized by the International Monetary Fund targeting 18- and 35-year-olds in the Middle East/North Africa region

On November 3rd, 2019  the first gathering of fans of the Wallyscar took place in Carthage, organized by the Wallyscar Fan Club

In December 2019, a Euronews report in the category "Inspiring the Middle East" is dedicated to the company

SWOT Analysis 


  • Handmade cars that are as unique as customized or luxury cars 
  • Affordable prices
  • Hybrid cars 
  • Strong performance and durability 
  • Beneficial partnerships

  • Manufacturing problems: the inability of producing the engines 
  • Marketing communication strategy 
  • Limited car designs


  • International markets: growth opportunities in international markets especially in European countries 
  • In-house engine production: secure own production for engines 
  • Expand ecosystem: signing more partnerships 
  • The growing demand for Wallyscar


  • Inconvenience with suppliers
  • Increasing competition
  • Technological development 
  • Economic and political conditions 

PESTEL Analysis

1. Political Factors

Political instability in the country is arguably escalating due to core changes in the governmental tissue along with a recent change of the president. Tunisia has been in an ongoing political crisis since 2021.

Tunisia and the EU have a trade agreement (active since 1998) stating that all two-way trade in industrial products takes place free of any trade tariffs.

    This has been critical to WALLYS since it started with EU countries like France, Switzerland, and Belgium

Other free trade agreements: COMESA, UMA, GAFTA

2. Economic Factors

  • The Tunisian fiscal system for cars: A VAT rate of 19%: In 2018, according to Art 43 of the finance law management, there was an increase in VAT rates from 18% to 19% compared to only a 7% rate for importing cars from abroad. Such fiscal law makes market share growth a more challenging goal for WALLYS.
  • High Import taxes that the company has to pay since it imports its engines from a French manufacturer.
  • The company’s car model, Iris, was granted a certificate from the international monetary fund (IMF) that comes with technical support and financial funds.
  • The automotive sector’s exports represent around 14% of the country’s total exports, growing strongly by more than 30% over the 2010 – 2017 period
    • France represents about 21%of the sector’s exports
    • Germany represents more than 37% of the sector’s exports
    • Italy represents about 11% of the sector’s exports
    • Romania represents about 12 % of the sector’s exports
  • Tunisia imports 400,000 cars per year; 50,000 of which are new.
  • The automotive sector contributed to 4% of the GDP
  • unstable exchange rates
  • high inflation: 8.7% in August 2020
    • Inflation affects business and marketing investment
  • GDP growth contracted by 8.8% in 2020
  • By the end of the first quarter of 2021, unemployment increased from 15%, before the pandemic, to 17.8% 
  • Growing protectionism
  • In 2022, the average salary in Tunisia works out at $367 per month, which equates to $4403 per year, which makes WALLYS’ cars considered expensive by many Tunisians.

3. Social Factors

Social factors greatly impact WALLYS, as the company is the first to ever manufacture cars in Tunisia, it had to face the trust challenge since most Tunisian are accustomed to particular car brands.

  • The widespread misconception that Tunisian brands cannot produce high-quality products
  • Design attractiveness in Tunisia differs from the foreign countries WALLYS exports, additionally, the uniqueness of the design was not appreciated by many Tunisians.
  • Middle-class families are the main target audience of the company, especially after the launch of their new model 619+:
    • Size suitable for families
    • Better design compared to previous ones

4. Technological Factors

  • Poor infrastructure in Tunisia and neighboring countries:
    • Poor road quality
    • Very difficult to integrate electric cars:
      • poor internet quality
      • no hydrogen-powered car charging stations
  • The incapability of producing engines locally forced the company to import them from countries like France.
  • Very expensive car equipment that the company replaced with several handmade components.

5. Environmental Factors

Environmental effects WALLYS, but not tremendously. Since the company’s factory is located in Tunisia, it has to abide by the Ministry of Environment, especially when it comes to chemicals:

  • Paragraph 49 of Chapter 19 emphasized the importance of the “life-cycle approach to the chemical” where it was stipulated that “Governments, in cooperation with relevant international organizations, should consider adopting policies based on a life-cycle approach to chemicals management that covers manufacturing trade, transport, use, and disposal, and that they should undertake coordinated activities to reduce the risks of toxic chemicals taking into account the full life cycle of chemicals, and the same memorandum identified six major areas of international cooperation for the sound management of chemicals.
  • Additionally, Tunisians are becoming aware of the importance of environmentally friendly products.

6. Legal Factors

  • On July 6, 2022, the TAA « TUNISIAN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION », signed a competitiveness pact for the automotive industry with the Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Energy under the high patronage of the Tunisian Government Presidency. It plays an important role as it aims to:
    • Promote exchanges, collaboration, and synergy between companies in the automotive industry in Tunisia
    • Support the Tunisian authorities in the development of the automotive sector.
    • Promote the Tunisian automotive industrial fabric on an international scale
    • Attract international investors operating in the sector to strengthen local integration
  • The automotive sector is one of the priority sectors mentioned in the new investment law which aims to promote investment, regional development, and innovations
  • Tunisia is known for its high bureaucracy: “Many analysts and experts say that one of the reasons for the sharp decline of a country’s economy is its heavy and deep bureaucracy.” This bureaucracy is affecting practically all companies in the country.

WALLYSCARS presents 5 types of cars:

WALLYS 619+:

Release year: 2023

  • Description: The 619+ is the last model created by WALLYSCARS. It is the renovated version of the WALLAYS 619 with a less cubic design than the usual WALLYSCARS classics that target both males and females for everyday usage.
  • Price: 36.800dt


Release year: 2022

  • Slogan: Built to last!
  • Description: The WALLYS 216 is designed as a 2 doors car for versatile use whether in the city for everyday rides or for work to carry and pick up goods and inventories. It is presented in only white color and can include an extra cover for the back of the car.
  • Characteristics:  Energy: gasoline, engine power: 5 CV, 71 CH, cylinder number:4, Rims: 13” max speed: 157 KM/H, assisted direction, ABS, AIRBAGS, air conditioner.
  • Price: starting from 29.900dt


Release year: 2021

  • Description: a vintage car inspired by the 90’s cars. It is designed as a 4-door car to accommodate 5 people, this car is designed for city and downtown rides and targets mainly students with a small budget. 
  • Characteristics: Energy: gasoline, engine power: 5 CV, 71 CH, cylinder number:4, Rims:13 max speed: 161 KM/H, assisted direction, ABS, AIRBAGS, air conditioner.
  • Price: starting from 31.500dt


Release year: 2015

  • Slogan: Be the exception!
  • Description: It is the company’s most known and iconic car. For several years, it has been the best seller. It is the renovated version of the WALLYS IZIS thus it shares the same unique edgy style. It has 2 doors and accommodates 5 people for urban and rural rides and it is presented in a variety of more than 11 colors.
  • Characteristics: Energy: gasoline, engine power: 5 CV, 82 CH, cylinder number:3, Rims: 14” max speed: 160 KM/H, assisted direction, ABS, AIRBAGS, air conditioner.
  • Price: starting from 48.200dt


Release year: 2008

  • Description: WALLYS IZIS is the very first model of Wallyscars. It was inspired by Chrysler’s Jeep “Willys”. the car is mainly a beach car, dedicated to leisure activities, and targets a niche segment of car collectors. It has 2 doors and accommodates 5 people. It has a unique roofless style with an edgy design and it is presented in a wide range of colors.
  • Characteristics: Energy: gasoline, engine power: 75 horsepower, boasts a 39-degree angle in climbing mode.
  • Price: starting from 10,000 Euro.


1. Power of Suppliers :  (LOW)

Manufacturers and suppliers are heavily dependent on each other. Carmakers switching from one supplier to another may damage the business of the first one. 

Moreover, lifecycle management is an important aspect of the supplier's business. Suppliers will generate less business if a spare part has a long life, which is the case for new parts. Consequently, suppliers are very susceptible to the demand of manufacturers and hold very little power

2. Threats of New Entry:

  • Tunisia benefits from key geographic proximity to European countries and has signed free trade agreements with the markets of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and the European Union
  • The quota thresholds take into consideration Tunisia’s trade deficit, market demand for new vehicles, and investment arrangements among foreign carmakers and domestic parts manufacturers.  As of 2012, all vehicles older than five years, including heavy trucks, have been prohibited entry.  
  • Tunisian customs apply a graduated tax on all vehicle imports that rises with vehicle age up to the five-year limit.
  • Post-revolution restructuring of the automotive sector has allowed for a more open market with more foreign brands. Wallys should be sensitive not only to the current European-dominated market structure but also to the potential for new market entrants, especially from Asia and also from the US.

3. Competition

The Tunisian automobile market has been historically dominated by European brands, however, the total market share of the 20 Asian brands represented in Tunisia, such as Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki, Haval, and Geely, reached 58.8% in 2021.  Both GM and Ford are present, though the market share for U.S. cars remains under 10%. 

The market for hybrid powertrain vehicles is still undeveloped; thus far only Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai offer hybrid car models in Tunisia.  In January 2020, the former British brand Morris Garages (MG), now owned by the Chinese group SAIC Motor, received Tunisian government authorization to market the first 100% electric car in the country.  In 2021, Hyundai also launched a new electric car model in Tunisia.  

French multinational Total Energies launched the first public charging station for electric vehicles in Tunis and intends to install them at all its filling stations in the capital and surrounding suburbs.  National Petroleum Distribution Company (Agil) and Tunisian power utility STEG agreed to establish a pilot of 10 charging stations for electric cars located in the country’s six largest cities.

  • Peugeot: an increase in sales especially for the new Peugeot 208,3008 and Pick Up Peugeot land trek
  • Hyundai launched its hybrid car in Tunisia 
  • Maghrebian car manufacturers mechanic industry :IMM: it is a joint venture between General Motors Company (20 %), Isuzu Motors Ltd. (10 %), and le constructeur de locomotives General Motors du Tunisie SA (70 %)  they construct 25000unit/year (distribution: Carthage, Tunis, oued smar (Algeria)Gibraltar, from Maroco, Mauritanie, and Lybia.)

4. Buyer Power (HIGH)

  • The motorization rate in Tunisia is very low (9.1%), with only 135 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants in 2020 (a quarter of the rate in Europe).
  • Consumers are following their tastes and innovative trends.
  •  Consumers are price sensitive and they are always looking for suitable alternatives. 

5. Threats of Substitution:

The fact that Tunisian market is dominated by European and Asian well-trusted brands, and the existence of the used cars market ( with full options and more advanced technologies and especially sold at affordable prices), Tunisian consumers will find it easier, cheaper and more trustworthy to buy from those markets rather than having a car under the name of a Tunisian newly established brand. 

Add to that, the gasoline price is continuously rising. 

However, the poor quality of public transportation reduces the impact of substitutes. 

Remark: The total number of passenger cars in circulation is around 2 million.  In 2021, sales of new passenger cars and pick-up trucks totaled 61,659 vehicles, a 24% increase compared to 2020, but the number of vehicles sold in the market is much higher, due to imports by private individuals. 


Product-Specific Research

Key Selling Points 

The Design:


According to our survey:
 The main motive that made WallysCar users choose is its design .57%  of Wally's car owners chose to buy it because they were attracted by its design: the majority of them are Wallys IRIS owners. Also, 28.6 % bought it because it is a Tunisian brand and for its design as well. All of them are Wallys IRIS owners. The rest chose it only for testing and all of them are IRIS model owners 

wallyscar design

  • 16.7%  of those who consider buying a wallys car think that it has a medium  design (5/10) 
  • 3.3%   of them gave it 1/10  which means that they don’t really pay attention to the design while buying it 
  • 60% appreciate the design (9/10)
  • 20%  gave 6/10  to the design

wallyscar features

Wallyscar owners also consider that simplicity, uniqueness, and the beauty of the design are the most appreciated features in their cars. 

The Price:

During the meeting with Mr. Omar Guiga, he highlighted that one of the key selling points of Wallys Car is its affordable price, whereas based on our survey people do not consider price as a motive to buy a Wallys.

The opinion of the people who are willing to buy: 

wallyscar price

Desirable Features  

We asked people what they want to change or improve in a Wallys car here how were the answers:

wallyscar Desirable Features

Consumer Oriented Research

1. Context of Product Use 

According to the affirmations of MR Omar Guiga Wallyscars are used in many contexts depending on the model of the car. For instance, IZIS and IRIS are mainly entertainment cars while the other models are highly associated with work and daily chores such as wallys 216 as a pickup car and wallys 619

Based on a survey we conducted 

  • 57,14%of Wallyscar users bought it for entertainment matters and the rest use them for work and daily chores 
  • 100% of IRIS owners bought it for usage linked to entertainment 

2. Anthropological Approach

The anthropological approach focuses on the influences of culture and society on the individual consumer's behavior.

In the case of Wallys, the anthropological approach's effects on buying behavior seem to be controversial.

In fact, in the case of IZIS and IRIS, it has had a positive impact since many opinion leaders of the society bought the models such as the ex-prime minister Youssef Chahed and many other known figures.

Besides, since these two models have a high resemblance to Jeep cars while maintaining a lower price, owners of these cars will be perceived as the high class or as people with the highest income. As a matter of fact, the survey conducted shows that 66.66%of IRIS owners have average incomes.

However in the case of other models, since they have the lowest price in the market, owners of the cars are prone to underestimation and judgment by society based on the low price and the design that seems to be considered old-fashioned, especially the Tunisian market.

3. Sociological Analysis

(what we buy relates to our values, emotions, and identities)

As MR Omar Guiga mentioned the company does not seek to please everyone. It rather seeks to create feelings within the market.

Wallys' customers are people who highly support, believe, and trust Tunisian brands to guarantee the development of the Tunisian industry and economy as well.

The owners of Wallys are characterized by a strong and unique identity and that’s why they opt for a car that is different, remarkable, and with fewer electronics.

This category of customers seeks as well a unique experience since the company is based on a family spirit and provides a great post-purchase experience

4. Psychological Motives 

The personal motives behind buying a Wallys car are mainly trying a Tunisian brand, express one’s self and social position through a practical car with a small size and less complication when it comes to electronics and a unique design that gives them a sense of exclusivity  

Target-Market Research

To better understand Wallyscar's targeted segments we distributed surveys on Wallyscar’s owners or previous owners and we constated the following results:

  • Age Range: The major age range of Wallyscar’s owners is Between 35 and 44 years old with a percentage of  57.1% whereas the percentage of owners in the age ranges of 25-34 years old, 45-54 years old, and 55-64 years old, is equally the same 14.3%.
  • Gender: 42.86% of Wallyscars’ owners are female and 57.14% are males.

Although the highest percentage level of owners is males, we can still notice that the percentage of both genders is pretty close. 

  • Income: A majority (57.1%) of owners earn an average salary, while a minority (14.3%) earn a low monthly salary. 
  • Marital status: The dominant status of owners is Married with a percentage level of 85.71% however only 14.29% of owners are single.

=> In conclusion, a potential customer would likely be a 35 to 44-year-old married male with an average monthly income. To better illustrate this customer we created a Persona Profile as follows:

wallyscar buyer persona

After a Meeting with“Omar Guiga” the CEO of Wallyscar, we have learned that the company targets different segments depending on their car model:

For WALLYS IZIS for instance, the segment targeted is a niche segment, it concerns mainly male or female car collectors, that are looking to be different and search for unique products. 

In 2015 the company expanded its targeted segments with the release of the new model WALLYS IRIS and started targeting customers with higher income, especially since this car is the most expensive among the rest of the car collection.    

With the change of the design, in The WALLYS 619, The company started targeting new segments that include, customers between the age of 18-30, students, and people with low-budget. 

The same segments are targeted for the WALLYS 619+ with a particular focus on female consumers for this car.  

As for the WALLYS 216, it targets mainly male consumers between 30-60 years, with low budget, that work in agriculture or delivery-related jobs.

1. The Customer Context

Segment Characteristics:

According to a survey we conducted on current WALLYSCAR users, most of the customers’ ages range between 35 and 44 years old. The majority of whom have an average income.

WALLYSCAR's target audience is young Tunisians who want to stand out from everyone else. The two types of people they target the most are the innovators and the experiencers.

The innovators are well-informed, self-confident, and open-to-change people.

The experiences are active and energetic people who like trying new products. 

However, the target market, with the new car models, is getting wider, including other types of potential buyers, like nationalists, and people looking for affordable new cars.

Brand Awareness & Perception:

The awareness level of the target market is significantly low, as, according to the CEO “The promotion strategy is based on word of mouth”. Despite its effectiveness for sales, only focusing on this strategy and paying much attention to brand awareness leads to a low level of brand recognition in the Tunisian market.

Those who find the design attractive admire the brand, while others detest it. However, both parties are quite involved with the brand and its communication. Current users have a Facebook Fans club, and potential ones are very actively following the brand on social media and other media like TV.

Media Usage:

Most potential customers use social media. A survey of 102 people found that 72.5% of respondents follow WALLYSCAR on Facebook, 54.9% on Instagram, and 18.6% on LinkedIn.

2. Business Context

Business Strategy:

The mission statement of WallysCar: 

The company is committed to participating in maintaining a local economy and industrial background. Wallys, therefore, offers a vehicle entirely designed and produced in Tunisia. This environmental and societal commitment is part of the genes of society. As proof of this commitment, 57% of the components used in the production of Wallys vehicles are produced locally

Company goals include gaining a substantial market share in the Tunisian market and positioning itself as one of the top 5 cars Tunisians would consider. It plans on reaching this objective by launching new models that are not as unique in their design, but that appeal to a huge number of people, and focusing more on communicating the brand name through different channels.

Competitive Analysis:

In the past few years, the automobile has become the main transportation means in Tunisia. There is an average annual growth rate of 6.4% in the sector.

In the automotive industry overall, there is a rapid growth rate, a lot of saturation, and a lot of complexity in its composition. Both locally and internationally, Wallyscar faces fierce competition. 

The main competitors facing Wallys are

  • Imported cars
    • European brands and the US manufactured cars
    • Asian-manufactured such as Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai
  • Used cars
Indirect competitors: 

  • Public transport
  • Taxis

3. Internal Context 

Financial Constraints:

The main challenge facing the brand when it comes to financial resources is R&D and production. Working on new models, or trying to enhance certain features in previously launched models is costly. 

The company is experiencing significant shortage issues due to its very limited capacity, which prevents them from meeting the increasing demand. Executives of the company are aware of this issue and plan to increase production capacity to meet their needs.   

Culture and Values:

Wallys emphasizes being the difference and targets people who hold such culture: People who like trying new things and would like to be different from the rest, in this case, by owning a Wallys. 

They also preach the importance of supporting national brands, by buying their products and encouraging them to produce Tunisian products and services. 

Marketing Expertise:

As Wallys did not start selling their cars in the Tunisian market until 2016, they have marketing expertise in European countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.

After 6 years working in the Tunisian market, they started developing a specific marketing strategy that aligns with their business goals. 

4. External Context 

Key Stakeholders:

WallysCar has several stakeholders:

  • Suppliers: the brand does not produce their cars 100% locally, whether they import 47% of parts like the engine for example from foreign suppliers.
  • Government: legalizing and controlling the car manufacturing industry in Tunisia.
  • Investors: Wallyscar has several investors, one well-known company investing in it is Equity Capital
  • Employees: The company, directly and indirectly, employs more than 120 people.
  • Customers: WallysCar's customers are its most important stakeholders, especially because of the huge amount of word-of-mouth they spread.

Restraints & Opportunities:

Despite its noticeable growth, the company has several constraints including:

  • Supply power
  • Safety equipment
  • Distribution strategy
  • Promotion strategy

It also faces several threats:

  • Intensive competition
  • Regulation on importing car parts, and VTA

Despite this, there are opportunities:

  • High demand for SUV cars in the Tunisian market
  • A growing investment environment
  • Due to the high fuel prices, the moderate use of fuel in the car represents an opportunity

Wallyscar Marketing Strategy 


Actual Position: 

Mr. Omar Guiga stated that they position themselves as the cheapest car manufacturer with a distinctive design. He noted that the main competitors to the IRIS car are other SUVs such as the Suzuki Jimminy, the LADA 4x4 1.7i GPL norma, and the Jeep Renegade 1.6 E.torQ Evo S&S 110ch Sport 2018, which are offered at higher prices than the IRIS. The Jeep Dallas is a direct competitor of the ISIS car. He said they provide the cheapest pick-ups in comparison to other brands.

Our last survey of Wallys car owners, potential customers, and non-users examined customer behavior and attitudes toward car purchases. The results showed that Wallyscars are perceived as being affordable, as well as being of a medium design compared to its competitors. Additionally, we have observed a lack of trust towards WALLYS CAR as a Tunisian brand, despite the company's investment in quality.

Therefore, we aspire to be regarded as the most affordable car manufacturer that offers a product that is both unique and reliable.

Marketing Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness: We must increase the extent to which customers can recall or recognize wallyscar under different conditions 
  • Increase market share
  • Increase the percent of total sales of Wallyscar in different categories 

Communication Objectives:

Brand awareness:

Focusing on reaching more people with an image that inspires success, uniqueness, and trustworthiness, especially those who don’t recognize the brand in the first place. We can focus on facts and previous successes such as the first exhibition of the IZIS model at the  2008 Paris Motor Show where the brand received multiple orders from different countries(Portugal, Spain, middle east…) 

Follower growth:

Increase the number of followers on different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well.

Increase engagement:

Try to make posts and content that make an impression in the followers' minds by making them involved through specific and well-designed messages

Implement a customer ambassador program by the end of the calendar year 

So that our best customers introduce our product to new prospective customers.

Advertising Campaign Parameters

1. Advertising Goals

Aligning with our marketing and communication goal, the advertising goal that we plan to reach is brand awareness.

As the most valuable brands are usually the most recognizable, familiarizing our target audience with Wallyscar is the goal. We shall do so by providing both informational and emotional messages to:

  • Share the values and beliefs of Wallyscar
  • Tell the story of the company
  • Emphasize the fact of it is a local brand

2. Media Selection

The media used in our strategy are:

  • Owned media: Since the majority of Wallyscar’s target audience uses social media, that will be the main owned media to use. 

According to a survey conducted on 102 people, 72.5% of respondents follow WALLYSCAR on Facebook, 54.9% on Instagram, and 18.6% on LinkedIn.

The social media channels are to be focused on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

  • Paid media: Paid media would be mainly Social media ads, Partnerships with TV and online contests, as well as billboards.
  • Earned media: Word of mouth and positive reviews on Social media pages. 

3. Tagline

Wallys: Together we grow

تكبر معاك

4. Consistency 

Repeatedly seeing a specific visual image, headline, copy, or tagline helps to embed a brand into a person's long-term memory. Visual consistency becomes especially important because most customers spend very little time viewing an advertisement. l. Visual consistency leads the viewer and moves the message from short-term to long-term memory. Consistent graphical charts, logos, and taglines aid in this process.

5. Positioning 

Maintaining consistent product positioning throughout a product's life makes it more likely that a consumer will place the product on a cognitive map. In the case of Wallys, we want to emphasize the idea of authenticity and reliability of the unique Tunisian brand.

6. Duration

Using the same advertisement for an appropriate period allows the message to embed in the consumer's long-term memory.

We opted to run our campaign for 3 months as a start.

The criterion that will determine when it is time to change it is the wear-out effect. 

We also consider lengthening our advertising campaign to delay wear-out effects by creating multiple versions of ads.

Wallyscar Communication Strategy

To reach and influence our target market we will combine a push strategy (intensive advertising) with a pull strategy (sales promotions etc.)

Media Channels

B2C Media

The target audience is not limited to our target market, but people who can affect their decision or people who may tell them about the brand if they haven’t heard of it before.


Considering that our communication objective is brand awareness, and reaching as many people as possible, radio is a suitable media channel for Wallyscar. 

The reasons for the choice of radio as a channel are:

  • Its a low cost per contact, compared to other media like TV
  • Its low production costs, especially with Wallys’ limited budget.
  • Its high reach, especially when shared live on social networking platforms like Facebook

The main purpose of using radio is to share the word about the new Tunisian car brand and let the public know about its story. 

Out-of-Home Advertising

According to the Out-Of-Home Advertising Association of America, an average customer spends 70% of their time outside their homes. This means that the chance of finding our target audience on the streets is quite high. 

  • The main channel to use will be Billboards, as, when compared to other methods, leads to high impressions.
  • They will be placed in main routes, where the number of viewers will be higher, thus brand recognition with increase. 

Focus on the design. 

Car Magazines

Magazines are the ideal way to speak directly to our potential customers. We will specifically use car magazines like:

  • Auto mag
  • Sayarty magazine
  • JetSet magazine

which are well-known to Tunisian car lovers. 

B2B Media

Since decision-makers in our target business use most traditional media, it could be effective and cost-efficient to also target them at the media above, with slightly different messages.

  • Radio
  • Out-of-home advertising
  • B2B magazines: lapresse.tn, yaluna.tn, 
    • Digital
    • Hard-copy

Creative Brief

The Objective

The Ad is a cognitive ad that intends to make brand awareness by introducing Wallyscars’ product and making people aware of the existence of the range of cars Wallyscars is providing emphasizing the fact that it is the first car to be manufactured and produced in Tunisia.

Target Audience

The advertisement targets several categories:

  • people with a nationalist mindset, who have a high sense of belonging and love for the country, and who value and support Tunisian innovations.
  • Young Tunisians 

Message Theme

The ad is a Right-brain advertisement that is based on emotional appeal.

The message delivered in the ad intends to evoke feelings and emotions by showing all first experiences, first important moments, and first achievements. and since the “first times” are usually the most important and memorable, we introduce Wallyscar as the first Tunisian car brand.         

The support

The fact that Wallyscars is the first brand to manufacture and produce cars in Tunisia


The low budget and lack of financial resources is the main obstacle and constraint in this ad since there is a limited budget to take real-footage videos, and to promote the ad on certain media channels with a high reach like TV.

Social Networking sites

Objective: Increase Traffic and Enhance Brand Image

  • Mostly: Facebook, and Instagram websites: B2B and B2C marketing
  • TikTok: B2C
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is mainly used as a B2B network and sometimes as a B2C

Social media marketing strategies:

  • Influencer marketing: Selecting those who are always supporting Tunisian brands including Sami chaffai+ Yassine Sondess+ Fatma Bououn well known Automobile experts: Sadri skander / opinion leaders who are automobile lovers except politicians
  • Video marketing (informative videos about technical staff (fiberglass...) + videos for emotional appeal (to instill a sense of pride in the consumer towards their country) + viral marketing

Alternative marketing:

  • Buzz marketing: Facebook
  • Choosing a brand ambassador
  • Employees: Company employees should identify themselves as being with the company on all social media sites
  • Lifestyle marketing: IRIS


Sharing content that focuses :

  • The fact that it's a Tunisian brand
  • Showing how Wallys is creating jobs for Tunisians through its business
  • Encourage call to action: visiting the website/ app
  • Launching ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram 

Non-Media Marketing 

Public relations: 

  • Taking offensive articles off the reach of people/focusing on creating posts to influence the perception of the audience for the quality positively! (show the crash test results)
  • Make appearances in national car events (INSAT drifting event Auto-day)
  • Cause-driven marketing: promote the new direction towards electric vehicles.
  • Assess employees' satisfaction and loyalty and encourage positive word of mouth.


Sponsoring events destined for car lovers, manufacturers, and investors such as 

  • INSAT drifting event Auto-day
  • Tunisia Desert Challenge


Our budget is an object-task budget. 

Facebook Ads: 3870.09 DNT

wallyscar Facebook Ads

wallyscar Facebook Ads
wallyscar Facebook Ads

Out-of-Home Ads: Billboards: 1,600 + DNT

Instagram Ads: We chose a CPC for Instagram because when it comes to CPMs, Facebook tends to be 2x higher than Instagram; however, CPCs on Facebook are about half as high.

LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn Ads Wallyscar

By spending around $10 a day, the budget will be $170-300 per month thus $510-$900 during the campaign period:1566.46 - 2764.35 DNT.

Marketing Mix


  • Public relations
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising


  • Informative
  • Emotional


  • Owned Media
    • Facebook Page
    • Instagram Account
    • LinkedIn Page
    • Website
    • Mobile App
    • YouTube Channel
    • Pinterest 
  • Paid Media
    • Billboards
    • Social media ads
    • Radio spots
    • Car Magazines
    • Business Magazines
  • Earned Media
    • Word of mouth 
    • Fan Club (social media)
    • Media coverage 
    • Reviews

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