How to Connect Your Namecheap Domain to Blogger (Blogspot)?

How to Connect Your Namecheap Domain to Blogger (Blogspot)?

 If you're finally getting your custom domain instead of Blogspot, this guide will help you correctly connect your Namecheap domain to Blogger.

How to Connect Your Namecheap Domain to Blogger?

How to Connect Your Namecheap Domain to Blogger (Blogspot)?

Assuming that you've already purchased your domain name, let's get into it:

First, head to Blogger:
- Click on "Settings"
blogger settings

- Under "Publishing" Click on "Custom Domain"
custom domain blogger

- Enter your custom domain starting with "www.

- You will see this red text. 
adding a custom domain to blogger red text

Keep the tab open and head to your Namecheap account.

- Click on "Domain List"
namecheap domain list

- Click on "Manage"

manage existing namecheap domain

- Select "Advanced DNS"

namecheap advanced DNS for blogger

- Click on "ADD NEW RECORD"

- Add the two records underlined in green above.

In our example, it's the following:

  • Host: www 
  • Value:
CNAMEs: (Name: www, Destination:

  • Host:sx2ehczhejba
  • Value:

Back to Blogger:

- Click "Save

- Enable HTTPS

blogger HTTPS availability
And you're done!

How to Redirect Your Old Blog to Your New Custom Domain on Google Search Console?

- Create a New Google Search Console Property with your new domain (make sure to add the www.)
- On your old Blogspot property, select "Settings"
Search console settings

- Select "Change of Address"
google search console change of address

- Enter your new domain

Add A New Sitemap

- On your new Google Search Console property, head to "Sitemaps"

- Enter your sitemap (www.yourblog.extension/sitemap.xml)

sitamap google search console

- Furthermore, make sure to update your robots.txt on Blogger and replace your old sitemap with this one.

If you don't have a robots.txt, copy and paste this code adding your sitemap:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Allow: /

Sitemap: https://www.yourblog.extension/sitemap.xml

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