Notion Internship Application Tracker Template (Free)

Notion Internship Application Tracker Template (Free)

Finding a good internship opportunity might be one of the hardest and most stressful tasks for a student.

Finding the right company takes time, but organizing your application process takes even more time.

With this Notion internship application tracker template, you won't have to create 10 separate Google Docs and Sheets. It's simple, easy to use, and applicable to any industry.

Internship Application Notion Template

It's so easy to get overwhelmed during your internship hunt process, especially if you're applying to a big number of companies. And if you don't have a systematic approach, you might fall into the worst of nightmares "Lack of Organization"

Staying on top of details such as deadlines, contact information, and required documents can be difficult with applications spread across more than one platform. If you fall into disorganization, you may miss or overlook so many great opportunities.

This is exactly why you need an efficient and time-saving template that organized your application stream.

This template is free to use, share, and edit.

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Homepage Notion template for internship application
You can consider this your all-in-one application template. You won't miss out on any opportunities by keeping track of the companies you're applying to.

The tracker includes:
  • Company name: Believe it or not, the amount of cover letters with wrong or misspelled company names is crazily increasing. You don't want to be the one applicant making this mistake.
  • Industry: It's a good idea to organize companies by industry. In case you get accepted by more than one, the industry may be your deciding factor.
  • Position: Have you ever applied for an opportunity but totally forgotten the exact position? You definitely don't want this to happen to you!
  • Dates applied and heard back
  • Application status: No response, rejected, interview, withdraw
  • Location
  • Type: Hybrid, Onsite, or remote
  • Resume & Cover Letter: This is the hard part of job applications: customizing your resume and cover letter for each position. But don't worry, this template has you covered...
  • LinkedIn: Believe it or not, some companies will check if you're following their LinkedIn page or not. This helps them measure how serious and committed you are. So make sure to follow each one before applying.

Customization Options and Tips

To make the most out of this template, there are two tips you should not miss out on:

Customize Your Cover Letter

Cover letter tempalte
Did you know that 27% of hiring managers surveyed consider customizing a cover letter to be very important, compared to 5% who consider tailoring to be not at all important?

You can simply do this by preparing a template, and then customizing it for each application. 

Customize Your Resume

It's also important to tailor your resume depending on the position, tasks, and requirements of the job posing. To make this process easier, you can add a link to your Canva template, and instantly modify it for each application. 

Research Each Company

company profile

Whenever you apply for an internship, you should research the company thoroughly, and this is not only to answer the question 'Why did you choose our company', but for your own benefit as well.

It would be frustrating to get accepted into a company, and only to discover that your values don't align with theirs.

Another cool trick that you can do is to prepare a plan before applying. If you're a digital marketer, audit their social media profiles and suggest a few recommendations. Instantly, you'll be ranked among the best candidates! 

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